The facts on our Cups

Why polystyrene and not paper?

When Boost first started out, we researched many types of different cups to hold our products. After looking at all types of cups available, we decided on polystyrene for the following reasons:

  • Polystyrene was the best choice for insulation, sealing and strength;
  • Our cups are not made from any CFFs or any other Ozone depleting products.
  • Compared to paper cups, polystyrene cups are significantly less resource-intensive to manufacture, requiring less raw materials, electricity and water than paper cups.

Barry’s Environmental Tips

1. Protect the dolphins by binning your cup once you’ve finished.
2. Shower shorter. Try putting on a song when you jump in the shower and aim to be out by the time it finishes.
3. Plant a veggie patch. Barry’s pride and joy are his strawb shrubs.