About Nick & Soraya

Nick & Soraya


In the beginning…

We at Boost like to think of Soraya as the brainy one. Having spent the initial years with her family in KL and Holland, she travelled to the shores of bonny England where she went to school. She then went onto uni at Imperial College, London for her undergrad followed by PhD in Chemical Engineering – separated by one year of backpacking around the world. She has lectured and has her research published. (Which is why we know she is so clever).

Keen for a new challenge, Soraya, joined management consultancy, Accenture soon after completing her PhD. With Accenture, she travelled from the UK to many locations including Europe, Japan, USA and Australia as her specialist skills in CRM and marketing were in high demand. BUT…it was on her first day at the office, she met another young bright thing… Nick, the man she would go on to marry (Sigh…)

Nick is the creative one. His encouragement and ideas keep everyone at Boost motivated. Nick was born and raised in London, but after attending uni outside his home city, in Birmingham, he realised that he wanted to see more of the world. After a year out backpacking the world, Nick joined Accenture and began an exciting 9 years of working on multi-million dollar projects in Europe, the US, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore.

After 6 years of cross-continental commuting, Nick and Soraya, managed to finally work in the same place and finally settle … the scene of this romance was sunny Melbourne, the home of Boost Juice. The pair quickly became fans of Boost, not just for the tasty products, but also for the whole brand concept of living healthy and loving life, which is right up their street!

Both Nick and Soraya are rarely able to sit still for five minutes (which is difficult in an office environment) so whether trekking in Borneo, snowboarding in the Alps or kitesurfing in the Cocos Islands – the pair pack whatever they can into a day.

It was on the couple’s honeymoon that they really sat and thought about the future and what they love about life. They came up with idea of leaving their corporate lifestyles to bring Boost Juice to Singapore & Malaysia! And here we are now…

Launching Boost Juice in Singapore & Malaysia has meant a welcome return home for Soraya, who is delighted to have her family and friends around her as they raise their little one, Sean.

Sean, who is now 5 years old, seems to love sitting in the office… as such we are sure that he will be managing Nick and Soraya soon. However, Nick believes that that Sean will play football for EPL side Tottenham Hotspur.