No we’re not talking those height-equalizing lifts that Tom Cruise in his boots, or the ‘lifts’ that Jordan has on her chest.  We’re talking healthy, body-loving, energising, nutrient-packed, vitamin-punching Boosters.  The kind of stuff your mum wants you to have.  And who doesn’t want to make their mum happy?  Or, at least get her off your back!

It’s not really new age, mostly it’s ancient history – except that someone forgot to write it down – and we’re still re-discovering how good these ingredients are for our bodies.

Just add a Booster to your fave drink for some extra karate kick and punching prowess.  Your body will do a double take and stop to check itself out with the extra vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein.


Does the Energiser bunny appeal to your inner self? Refresh, refocus & wreak havoc with gurana, ginseng & vitamin E*

PROTEIN booster

Been hitting the gym, pounding the pavement, chasing cane toads up hill?  Then a boost of protein will help build and repair muscles.  Protein is good for toning, repairing and restoring muscles – and if you want to be more fab than flab get a shot of this super powder in your drink.

IMMUNITY booster

They say beauty is only skin deep, well, so is health.  Get your insides in tip top condition.  Protect & perfect your immune system with echinacea, vitamins A&C, zinc & green tea*

Wheatgrass Booster

Wheatgrass powder is like a super-charged shot of fresh wheatgrass.  Amp up your red blood cells with a dose of green plant chlorophyll to help regenerate at the molecular and cellular level and help cleanse you body.

VITA boost

V V V VITA!  Do the shout out for a dose of vitality.  Vita packs in a daily delivery of multivitamins & minerals.

Green Tea Booster

Full of antioxidants, contains caffeine.