Nutritional Facts


We take the most innocent-looking fresh fruit and vegies (especially the ones with naturally sweet personalities and cute little dimples), then brutally squeeze, pulp and grind into a delicious, vitamin packed juice. Surprisingly this is legal to do. Except in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, where the Humanity Towards Fruit Legislation Act of 1999 was put in place to protect the rights of innocent fruit, much to our outcry.

no added sugar

We don’t add any sugar to our freshly squeezed juices.  All you get is fruit and veg – juiced.  So sugar (and it’s close relatives – sugar daddies, sugar plums, sugar babes, sugar highs and sugar gliders) can get the fruit outta here!

nothing artificial

We don’t add any preservatives or chemicals or any of those nasties to our juices.  We take the piece of fruit or veg, whack it in the juicer, make a bit of noise, put a lid on the cup and hand it over.

Tip one

If you’ve got a sugar daddy get him to buy you a freshly squeezed juice from Boost. Famous sugar daddies include Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, J Howard Marshall, Geoffrey Eldesten, Michael Douglas, if you happen to be looking for one with some proven sugar-daddy-creds.


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